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With more than 20 years creating sculptures, for TUCHO ABALO transforming waste and garbage into volumetric expression is a declaration of intent. Through art he reveals his unease about the treatment we are giving to nature and his artworks are means to raise awareness of social and environmental issues.
Using waste and garbage collected at the beaches and mountains from the Galician coast (Spain); or in the music festivals where he performs, Abalo gives a second life to what is useless while transforming it into art. Abalo is a pro-nature artist.
He has developed a series of uncommon mixtures with several elements that every time result in an unidentifiable material that escapes the visual understanding of the viewer.
With his infinite combinations and finishes he started a new trend, in which his main goal is to make the viewers doubt of what they are looking at. Nobody understands at first sight what his pieces are made of, therefore, the uncertainty makes people think and reconsider the nobility of the material, until they understand that waste and garbage are bonded by a special ensemble of fiberglass and polyester resin. 
Following the same techniques and art concept, he started implementing it into his live performances, where he transforms the sound atmosphere that musicians create while he improvises new artworks, which also include waste collected at the events where the performance takes place.
Lastly, coming from a linage of carpenters, his wood work is outstanding and fine.

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