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The Return of the Man de Camelle to the sea

The Man de Camelle was a German philosopher and artist, Manfred Gnädinger, who lived in a shed by the sea close to the chapel of Camelle, Galicia. He died of sadness after the Prestige oil tanker that spilled all his load in front of the Galician coast and harmed terribly the flora and fauna for years. All the artworks that were exhibited around his shed were also destroyed. He donated money to create a museum where nowadays you can the few personal objects and artworks that survived the sea erosion and storms.

I created this real size sculpture from a photo of the Man for and art project and was lying for some time in my workshop until I realized it was time to bring some art-love to the people that are also having it tough in these Covid times. Therefore, I did the art intervention of the return of the Man de Camelle to the sea, where he always belonged, by letting the clay dissolve by the sea tides...

Read here the article in the national newspaper, La Voz de Galicia. 

Man de Camelle: Text
Man de Camelle: Projects
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